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FlyWalker Research is a Collaboration between the Mann Lab, Marka Lab, and Turgay Akay of Columbia University in the City of New York.

FlyWalker is a comprehensive analysis program generated in MatLab™ that allows precise, automatic, and quantitative tracking and measurements of the walking behavior of a hexapod based on videos recorded using frustrated Total Internal Reflection (fTIR), an optical technique. The program can automatically identify and track footprints, body center, orientation, and trajectory. In addition, it allows the user to manually edit the tracked video to apply a human check on completeness and quality of tracking outputs. Finally, it can statistically analyze the walking behavior of the hexapod by generating a diverse set of graphs and output the results in an excel spreadsheet with the quantification of gait and other parameters. See Mendes et al., eLife, 2013 for more details.

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FlyWalker dot cu at gmail dot com

FlyWalker.exeComplete installation package (64-bit Windows version)download
FlyWalker_install.exeUse if Matlab or MCR is already installeddownload
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Copyright: Imre Bartos, Richard Mann, Szabolcs Marka, Cesar Mendes, Columbia University in the City of New York.